Meet Lisa. She’s a wrecking ball.


Name Lisa Age 28 I come from … Salt Lake City, Utah My life’s soundtrack would feature the song … Heartbreaker by Pat Benatar     What I’m Doing With My Life: Not enough… I’m Really Good at … Making traffic stop with my looks, breaking hearts, kicking ass, knitting,…

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Meet Jazmin: A Crimefighter with a taste for the rough stuff.


Name: Jazmin Age: How old do you want me to be? I come from… Australia. That’s why I know so much about survival. My life’s soundtrack would feature the song… Me and Julio Down By The Schoolyard What I’m Doing With My Life: Justice…and a lot of one night stands…

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Meet Doctor X: a guy with a one-track mind…

Doctor X

Name: I’m Dr. X. I honestly can’t remember if that’s a first or last name. Maybe I’m like Madonna. Or Seal. Age: I’m 36 years old. I think I’m 36 years old. My birthday might be coming up soon, unless it just passed. I come from: I want to say…

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So…Why Superheroes?

Research is important. And sometimes, fun!

My first task in taking on the (somewhat daunting) feat of staging Adam Szymkowicz‘s brilliantly crafted love-letter to comics, heroes, and love, was to figure out one question: What the hell is Adam doing with this structure? (This is where I freely admit that I did not grow up a comic…

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Because we need a little magic.

Looks pretty good in performance, no?

I have a confession to make: This is not my first magical realism play. In fact, when Andrew asked me to direct Bureau of Missing Persons, reading the script felt like a homecoming. The very first full-length play I ever directed, The Old Man in the Woods by Brooklyn playwright Gina…

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Whose story is this? Get to Know Angela (played by Kate Glasheen)


This is Angela. Bureau of Missing Persons is her story. Angela hasn’t left her apartment for a year and a half. Angela is a lot like you…if your world was falling apart around you. We asked Angela a few questions about what it’s like to live inside her head: 1.…

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10 reasons you need to see MOBY DICK at Know Theatre.

Michael Burnham & Andrew Hungerford, with their forces combined, are ready to blow away your preconceptions.

Associate Artistic Director Tammy here, and I’m getting seriously pumped for next week’s opening of Moby Dick. You have your tickets, right? If you answered “Yes!”, HOORAY! (And thanks: we can’t wait for you to see it!) But, wait–did I hear a couple folks out there say they haven’t gotten tickets yet?…

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