Go To Know!


Join us on our home turf for training, classes, events, and performances! Current Go To Know! opportunities include:

Classes (Adults)

Old dogs can still learn new tricks…or at least brush up on what they already know. Join other local performers in class settings sure to expand your artistic abilities.

Classes (K-12)

It’s never too early to start training the next generation of artists! Join our qualified instructors and begin crafting unique skill sets!

DrInK aNd PlAy: AduLt SuMmEr CaMp

Imagine your favorite childhood summer camp. Pretty great right? What could have made it better? A fully stocked bar, perhaps? Yes. Definitely perhaps. 

Community Matinees

Want a unique field trip unlike any other? Join us for Community Matinees of our Mainstage Performances right here at the Know with a post-show discussion with the cast.