Get in the Know.

Know Theatre is Cincinnati's Alternative Theatrical Playground. With accessible ticket prices and a full bar, come join us for an experience you won't have anywhere else. Look at all the ghost-like people in this photo. They are totally having an awesome time. You could be too.

Season 17 - Adaptation

Know Theatre's seventeenth season continues. Stay tuned for even more programming to come!

Love is a Battlefield. Where superheroes fight Crime.

With emotions so big and stakes so high that it takes a comic book world to contain them, Hearts Like Fists is an action adventure noir comedy unlike anything you've ever seen on stage.

Here's What's Happening.

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Love is a Battlefield. A battlefield where superheroes fight crime. March 27-April 25, 2015.


The Thunderdome is coming this winter! Submit a show, join the elite strike team making it happen, or come along for the ride as an audience member!


Know Theatre's Jackson Street Market presents a series of Workshops led by fantastic local artists!
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