You may not be fully aware of the times we're living in.

BlackTop Sky offers a personal look at the intersection of love, violence, community, and justice on the line between poverty and true homelessness.

We Make Theatre. You Make it Possible.

In 2015, Know Theatre produced 346 Performances, featuring hundreds of artists AND over a dozen shows that had never been seen before by anyone. We sold nearly 15,000 tickets at the lowest professional ticket prices in town. And we do it all for you, our Tribe. Please consider a gift as the year closes to help us keep Cincinnat's Theatrical Playground open for play.

Get in the Know.

Know Theatre is Cincinnati's Theatrical Playground. With accessible ticket prices and a full bar, come join us for an experience you won't have anywhere else. Look at all the ghost-like people in this photo. They are totally having an awesome time. You could be too.

Here's What's Happening.

Now Playing!

Justice, poverty, and the cusp of adulthood.

Coming Soon!

Winter is coming, and so is the next installment of Serials! Join us as our episodic theatre party returns to the Thunderdome where YOU vote on which plays survive!


Each year Know Theatre chooses an intrepid duo of performers to help us spread love and advanced mathematics to students with our tour of Matheatre's Calculus: The Musical, and it's time to hold open auditions for local Cincinnati artists!

Come in and Play.

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