More details coming soon!

We make theatre. You make it possible.

Get in the Know.

Know Theatre is Cincinnati's Theatrical Playground. With accessible ticket prices and a full bar, come join us for an experience you won't have anywhere else. Look at all the ghost-like people in this photo. They are totally having an awesome time. You could be too.

Here's What's Happening.


A Rolling World Premiere Comedy from the author of Know's 2015 hit All Childish Things!

Site Specific!

Join us for a site specific tour of an alternate Cincinnati. If you dare.

Serials: Binge Watch

For three days only, Archie and the Ashes is resurrected from Serials: Thunderdome as a standalone one act.

Coming soon...

A world premiere from the writers behind Know's Saturday the 14th and Afghan Women's Writing Project & a Fringe Favorite songwriter.

Come in and Play.

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