Get in the Know.

Know Theatre is Cincinnati's Alternative Theatrical Playground. With accessible ticket prices and a full bar, come join us for an experience you won't have anywhere else. Look at all the ghost-like people in this photo. They are totally having an awesome time. You could be too.

Season 17 - Adaptation

Know Theatre celebrates our seventeenth year and the new members of our artistic team with a season of works that explore the theme of adaptation. We hope you'll join us.

Travel back in time.Find Harriet Tubman.Don't F*** it up.

Jeremy has a PhD in physics from Harvard. And a time machine. And a plan. Jeremy's plan is to send his thieving cousin back in time to 1863 to find Harriet Tubman and give her guns. Lots and lots of guns.

Serials Season 1

6 new plays. Presented in 15 Minute Episodes. Every 2 weeks. It'll be like Monday night must see TV, live on stage. New works shaped by audience response. Have some beer, cozy up on our couch, and let's make some art.

Here's What's Happening.

Up Next

Brand New Episodic Plays, all summer long!

Coming Soon

August 8-30, 2014.

Travel back in time. Find Harriet Tubman. Don't f*** it up.

From The Market

OTRimprov shows all summer!


A new way to support Know Theatre. And see all of our shows.

We hope you'll join us at the Know.

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